Wells next the sea in Norfolk is still very much a working port with whelk and shrimp boats berthed in its small picturesque harbour.

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A fascinating jumble of buildings many colour wased wind down to meet the harbour at Wells next the Sea.

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The main shopping centre in Wells next the sea is Staithe Street.

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Staithe Street is a narrow mostly pedestranised alley with Victorian and Edwardian shop fronts.

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Wells-next-the-sea has a tourist information office in Staithe Street, open during the main season.

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An old granary at the bottom of Stithe Street has been converted into a community hall and theatre.

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Staithe Street runs down to the water edge at Wells next the Sea.

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Wells-next-the-Sea is situated on the North Norfolk coast in the centre of an area of outstanding natural beauty.

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At the quayside at Wells are stalls selling locally caught mussels, dressed crabs, cockles and samphire.

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The Albatros is a Dutch sailing clipper, now located at the quayside of Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk.

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Whin Hill Cider in Wells-next-the-Sea, is a small company producing cider, perry and apple juice by traditional methods.

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The large granary with loading gantry was built in 1903 now converted into luxury flats.

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The large sandy beaches of Wells are flanked with colourful beach huts and surrounded by a pine tree forest and nature reserve with miles of winding sandy footpaths.

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Partake of a portion of fish and chips, whilst overlooking the harbour at Wells-next-the-Sea.

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To reach the beach you can take a narrow gauge railway which runs from the quay to the beach in season.

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Wells-next-the-Sea Harbour Office.

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Wells-next-the-sea is ideal for those interested in water sports including sailing, boating and paddling canoes.

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Sailing is a popular pastime, especially during the long summer months.

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The beach at Wells next the Sea is around a mile from the quay and can be reached by a long causeway, which runs parallel to the main shipping chanel.

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There are long sandy sweeping beaches at Wells-next-the-sea, bordered by pine woodlands.

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Between 1850 and 1880 there were seom forty public houses in the town of Wells-next-the-Sea.

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Children and adults try their hand at crabbing off the quay at Wells-next-the-Sea.

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Wells-next-the-sea, attracts the artist.

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Wells provides the visitor with lots of opportunities for bridwatching.

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The Wells Annual Harbour Day and Wells Carnival are normally both held in August.

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Traditional Norfolk cottages

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Notice how many streets and alleyways in Wells next the Sea end with 'Yard'.

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In the floods of 1953 and 1978 the embankment was breached and the marshes flooded. You can see these high tide marks on the wall opposite the harbour. In 1978 a heavy tide deposited a large ship in the middle of the streets, much to the embarrassment of its owner.

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The name of Wells is derived from the fact that it used to tap the springs of fresh water.

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John Fryer was born in Wells-next-the-Sea in 1753, and is buried in the churchyard of St Nicholas, he was Master of the infamous ship the Bounty. The original gravestone was taken into the main body of the church in the year 2000.

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Outside in the churchyard, in the place John Fryers original gravestone once stood is a plaque to John Fryer the Master of the Bounty.

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On the outskirts of the town of Wells is the Wells-Walsingham Light Railway a 10-inch narrow gauge track, that runs to the picturesque town of Little Walsingham.

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